Welding Seamtracker


Welding Seamtracker consists of a sensor, a control box, and actuator (motorized slider), etc. Its working principle: data on welding face variation is collected by sensor touching work-piece, calculated by the control system, and then the distance between welding torch and work-piece would be adjusted accordingly when necessary by an actuator, assuring welding quality.
Using modularized design, this ED-ST series could derive a one-dimensional or multi-dimensional seam tracker upon request.

ST series welding seam tracker consists of induction probe, controller and actuator. The position change of the welding surface is calculated by the control system, and the distance between torch and workpiece is adjusted by actuator at any time to ensure the welding quality.

ST series uses modular design to derive one-dimensional or multi-dimensional trackers, depending on customer requirements.

ST series is suitable for TIG, CO2, MIG and SAW  welding with high precision and fast response. It is easy to be used with all kinds of special equipment, such as automatic welding manipulator, to realize high-quality automatic welding.

Technical Data

Tracking Range100MM200MM200MM
Tracking Speed250MM/MIN250MM/MIN200MM/MIN
Slide Weight13KG20KG30KG
Load torque700KG·CM1400KG·CM3700KG·CM
Input PowerAC220V, 50/60Hz(AC110V OPTIONAL)
Control functionU/D, L/R Movement, Emergency Pull up, Stroke Limit, Track Detection, End Detection, Tracking Speed Adjustable, Remote Control