self aligned welding turning rolls

Self aligning welding turning rolls is a kind of our advanced welding equipment , which is be researched and manufactured absorbing domestic and international advanced equipment .it is mainly used for pipe, containers, boilers, pressure vessels, oil tank and other cylinder’s assembling, burnishing and welding, can use together with column and boom and SAW system to realize inside and outside girth and longitudinal welding. Accordingly this device has advantages of compact structure, small cubage, beautiful shape, lightweight, convenient operating and so on. The welding turning rolls can improve welding quality, lessen welding labor and improve productivity.

For unique welding turning rolls, kindly inquiry us with following details.

1. Max. Loading capacity in tons or max. workpiece weight in tons or pounds

2. Tank/Vessel diameter range(min. and max.) in mm

3. Tank / Vessel final length in mm

Technical Data

ModelTonsPounds (lb)
SAR 55 tons10,000 #
SAR 1010 tons20,000 #
SAR 2020 tons40,000 #
SAR 4040 tons80,000 #
SAR 6060 tons120,000 #
SAR 8080  tons160,000 #
SAR 100100 tons200,000 #
SAR 150150 tons300,000 #
SAR 250250 tons500,000 #
SAR 500500 tons1,000,000 #