Pressure plate type longitudinal seam welding machine


Pressure plate type longitudinal seam welding machine is mainly used for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum cylinder workpiece longitudinal seam welding. This equipment is mainly controlled by PLC, stable performance, convenient operation, high working efficiency, and can be controlled by a foot switch, largest welding length can reach up to 2 m.

Application range:

Suitable for all kinds of metal sheet, plate, barrel longitudinal seam welding, can be used in hardware, household appliances, fire equipment, water heater, gas reservoir pressure container, automobile fuel tank, etc.


  • Keys pressure plate provide a balanced pressure force under air bag pressure;
  • The keys relative distance can be adjusted according to the workpiece and welding methods;
  • The keys and the spindle are lined with copper, has very good heat resistance and electrical conductivity;
  • Spindle surface has grooves and porosity, which is beneficial for forming on the back and on the back of the gas protection;
  • Running gear speed is adjustable, suitable for all kinds of welding;
  • Cross gun adjustor can make the welding torch multi-angle adjustment in order to achieve the best welding effect. 

Main technical parameter

Input power220V  50Hz
Rated power0.65KW
Air pressure adjustment range0.05-0.85MPa
Wire diameter Φ0.8-Φ1.6mm
Workpiece diameterΦ90-Φ1300 mm
Workpiece length50-2000mm
Welding speed500-3000mm/min