Cross Slide

ED-MJ series of the high-precision cross slider is designed for hand-tuned car automatic welding, automatic welding machine in the gun manually fine-tuning and cross design, compact and reasonable structure, more flexibility, precise positioning, regulating comfort, ease of installation and appearance and so on. Aluminum structural parts, screw-nut drive, or straight rail + T-type screw, can be combined into two-dimensional, three-dimensional adjustment, the XYZ to achieve all-position welding torch adjustment.

We offer a variety of gun clips and structural connections, in addition to the development company is required by the user to adjust the slider rotary hand, for MIG / MAG, TIG, plasma, submerged arc welding and CNC cutting, welding torch. ED-MJ series is divided into light, standard and heavy so the user can choose according to different needs, but also can be customized.

ED-MS series of the high-precision electric slide is mainly applied to automatic welding equipment, through the motor drive to move the gun quickly to the correct location. High speed, high precision, and good stability.

Aluminum alloy body, guide pin guide sleeve + ball screw transmission, DC24V + reducer drive, the slider plate + cover with dust on both sides, install a limited bit switch. Standard slide stroke 100mm and 200mm are two types of loads from 25kg ~ 100kg. For gas welding, Single / multi-wire submerged arc welding, a precision welding machine (such as cross-operation machine, vertical girth welding machine, etc.) a typical cross-ideal electric pallet configuration.
High-precision electric slider, can also serve as a seam tracking system XY implementing agencies, the arc length controller is a high degree of enforcement agency. If we change into the stepper motor DC24V motor to change the ball screw lead, but also as a high-speed linear actuator device swinging, swing speeds of up to 3000mm/min.

The company’s special specifications can be customized, special technical requirements of the slider.